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Vue sur Saint-Vincent de Pertignas

Our virtues

Aware of the current challenges, the two winegrowers have put in place processes to act on environmental impacts, to preserve their working tools and especially their living spaces, as well as to maintain social cohesion. Everything is not perfect but we are evolving by improving at best.

chateau Pertignas
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chateau Pertignas
chateau Pertignas

Environmental Impact Reduction

At Château Pertignas, the implementation of action plans for the preservation of natural resources is reflected in various actions :

  • The limitation of water, electricity and fuel consumption thanks to the training of personnel, the care taken in the various works, some expansive but necessary equipments, recycling and composting as well as good office practices,

  • The barrel cellar for red wines is in a natural underground quarry, allowing better thermal insulation and no use of an air conditioning system,

  • We are voluntarily limiting the volume of our printing of brochures and other flyers. We favor digital communications via our website and our social networks,

  • We buy from local craftsmen,

  • Our equipment shed is covered with photovoltaic panels, ...


Our efforts in favor of the environment, both in the vineyard and in our technical buildings, go hand in hand with the constant search for partners and suppliers who share with us respect for our environment. This is how we made the following choices :

  • Our barrels come exclusively from French forests certified PEFC therefore managed in a sustainable way.

  • Our bottles are made from 55 to 80% recycled glass.

  • The boxes we use are made from 75% recycled and 100% recyclable materials. All the manufacturing and printing processes for our boxes are designed in New Aquitaine.

  • Our capsules are made from 100% recyclable tin.

chateau Pertignas
chateau Pertignas
chateau Pertignas

Pesticide reduction

We practice reasoned and sustainable viticulture, the fundamental principle of which is based on the observation and reduction of chemical treatments in favor of the implementation of alternative practices. Here, everything is done to limit the treatments and their impact :

  • The reintroduction of thyphlodromes which are natural predators of harmful mites (discontinuation of chemical acaricide treatments). Weekly and systematic observation of all our parcels of the vineyard in order to treat only when absolutely necessary.

  • The reduction of product doses depending on disease pressure and the vegetative state of the plant, thus limiting the overall quantity of products sprayed using modern, efficient and controlled devices.

  • Biocontrol is a set of means of protecting vines based on the use of natural mechanisms. Alone or combined with other means of plant protection, these techniques are based on the mechanisms and interactions that govern the relationships between species in the natural environment. Thus, the principle of biocontrol is based on managing the balance of populations of aggressors rather than on their eradication.

  • Prohibition of the use in the vineyard of products containing carcinogens, mutagens and reprotoxic agents (CMR).

chateau Pertignas
chateau Pertignas
chateau Pertignas
chateau Pertignas

Preserving biodiversity

The Girondin wine-growing landscape, shaped by time, offers its inhabitants the diversity of its terroirs and the richness of its fauna and flora. Château Pertignas takes care to preserve this ordinary biodiversity and to enrich it because nature is also a precious ally for our cultures, by :

  • The maintenance of plant biodiversity such as the grassing of plots which provides food for the fauna,

  • The maintenance of our woods, hedges and dikes that maintain a diverse environment and offer a variety of refuges for wildlife as well as a natural pantry,

  • The establishment of an insect hotel and shelters for birds around the plots as well as the protection of bats and bees,

  • Flowering fallows to create natural seeds.

chateau Pertignas
chateau Pertignas
chateau Pertignas
chateau Pertignas

Maintaining social cohesion

Our industry places people at the heart of its concerns, both the health, safety and well-being of local residents and that of our employees. It is important to maintain human contact and dialogue to explain the practices.

To promote this good living together, we respect the Good Neighbor Charter :

  • Adaptation of treatment schedules taking into account collective outdoor activities,

  • Limitation of product drift by optimizing spraying equipment,

  • Warning of neighbors, establishments and town hall of treatments,

  • Definition of Non-Treatment Zones (ZNT) near neighboring dwellings,

  • Commitment not to carry out phytosanitary treatments when the wind blows at more than 19 km / h.

Preserving human health and safety in our vineyard is a priority illustrated by :

  • The training of our employees on the risks and means of prevention,

  • Raising employee awareness of the environmental approach and its challenges,

  • Raising awareness among visitors, customers and suppliers of our environmental approach,

  • Collective and individual protective equipment according to the tasks to be performed,

  • Well-being at work,

  • The apprenticeship job also allows us to pass on our passion and our knowledge.

Download our charters

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