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What we are

Tonneaux, fûts, cuvée fût de chêne

In Vino Pertignas


We're going to speak the truth:

  • It's good to drink wine : science has proved that it's beneficial to our health.

  • It's good to buy wine : you're suppling the continuation of rural life and activities and preserving the countryside and cultural traditions.

  • It's good to serve wine : you are sharing enjoyable moments with friends and family, wine enthusiasts and enlightened wine tasters.


... Enough of this moralizing talk ...


(The title of the book by Benoist Simmat and Denis Saverot, wine lovers who analyse the French wine business).

  • Wine is unfortunately demonised ....!

  • But no, you aren't guilty when you open a bottle, even if health lobbyists have waged a merciless war against wine!


  • For some, wine has become an industry; those people all over the world who make an indistinct, uniform and bland product.

  • Yes, it's up to you to encourage the production of local wines like our Pertignas wine.

... We promote instead ...


  • Wine is appreciated not only for its sensory and convivial qualities but also because it promotes a quality of life to which we are attached and of which we are key examples.


Let's raise our glasses and have a great tasting!

Vrilles, fils, relavage

Pierre Gauthier, winegrower since always,

took from his native countryside the taste for traditions, rigor and "good living". The authentic buildings and cellars, evolve regularly to improve working conditions and reception.

After years in cooperative cellars, then in relation with the Bordeaux wine merchants, he finally decides to develop his own great Bordeaux wines in 1998.

Despite the “clouds” which still weigh on the Bordeaux sky, we are in very good spirits and each vintage is a source of pleasure!

In 2003, Vincent, his son, finished his wine studies and brought his enthusiasm

as well as his know-how to the team.

The qualitative soils and the work of the vines, always specific to each plot, allow Merlot essentially and, more confidentially, Cabernet Francs and Sauvignon, to express themselves at best in each of the different clay-limestone terroirs of Saint-Vincent de Pertignas. Since the 2014 vintage, Carménère and Petit Verdot have helped to make the blends of red wines more complex.

All of this foreshadows great results in your glasses!

The personality of the two winegrowers is reflected in their wines : authenticity, quality, festivity, frankness and generosity come together.

Our history


Our Terroir and our assets

The wines of Château Pertignas are local wines from:

  • the location of the vineyard,

  • cultivation methods

  • vinification without oenological artifices or filtration,

  • the own tastes of the two winegrowers

  • and the late date of the harvest.

You will have the choice between various red wines:
Bordeaux Supérieur AOC wines (always elegant, silky, powerful, balanced, often cellaring, sometimes - but not systematically - aged in barrels).
The AOC Bordeaux wines which in their youth see fruit, spices and roundness mingling happily.


You will also find fresh wines:
Vincent and Pierre, very fond of rosé wine, made their own, according to their idea. From their passionate discussions, the result is a magnificent, delicious, lively and full-bodied wine.

Since 2010, the sauvignon blanc planted by Vincent, and in 2014 the new plot of sémillon have also allowed you to taste great whites.


Enjoy the site visit, enjoy the tasting and see you soon!

We belong to the Federation of Independent Winegrowers.

The Vigneron Indépendant logo is a sign of high standards, the emblem of independent viticulture, rich in the diversity of soils, climates, and the skills of men and women.


For the consumer, the logo is the benchmark of a wine from an Independent Vigneron, "authentic wines and personalities".


In each French wine region, we cultivate the land, we develop our wine and we market it.


To mark our commitment and the quality of our work, we have signed the Independent Winegrower charter.

Charte du vigneron indépendant

In recognition, we affix

the "Vigneron Indépendant" logo on our bottles.

It is the emblem of our know-how and of our belonging to a family of responsible professionals who respect tradition.


The consumer who chooses wines stamped "Vigneron Indépendant" is guaranteed to find a product in accordance with our charter.

Vigneron indépendant
Vigneron indépendant
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