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It is in the village of Saint-Vincent-de-Pertignas that the castle, an integral part of the wine heritage of Entre-deux-Mers, is located. Two passionate men, Pierre and Vincent Gauthier, produce structured, harmonious and charming wines there, in perfect harmony with the different clay-limestone terroirs. Recognized by the greatest, they are served at the National Assembly as well as at large tables in Monaco and Luxembourg. Attention, unblocking for a taste journey in the heart of the Gironde!

Rosé de Pertignas 2013

"I love !" This is what you will say when you savor this wine. It is beautiful (raspberry color), it smells good (English candy, wild strawberry deep down). It is tasted with pleasure, soft to the touch with a very fine texture and a touch of freshness.

A fish to accompany it but it is sufficient on its own.

AT THE TABLE WITH ... raw vegetables as well as beautiful mixed salads. It goes perfectly with summer cuisine: it's bottled sun.

We buy it : directly at the property who will direct you to wine merchants and restaurateurs who sell this product.

Cuvée Rosé de Pertignas
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