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Château Pertignas

Premier Bordeaux Wines

Pierre and Vincent Gauthier make Château Pertignas wines in Saint Vincent de Pertignas.

In this magnificent Entre-deux-Mers village, surrounded by rolling hillsides, forests, vineyards and historic buildings, Château Pertignas is an integral part of the landscape.

The personalities of these two winegrowers and their quality of life are characterised in their wines :

genuine, cheerful, sincere and straighforward !

The vines are made with great care and attention at every stage of production including working the soil and all manual work. In the winemaking process itself,

it is the local soil which helps determine the flavour of the wine more than technology. 

The reds, (fruity and strong), mature, are aged either in tanks or in new french oak barrels. 

The light fresh wines (rosé and dry white) are lively and rich. 

Our wines can be found in well known top restaurants, specialist wine shops and at various competitions.


Friends Wine Reserve

How to define?

It's a distinctive, full-bodied, easy drinking fruity wine, suitable for any social occasion and sure to be instantly enjoyed!

  • Appellation

AOC Bordeaux Superior

  • Grape variety

Merlot (60%), Carménère (20%), Petit Verdot (20%)

  • Terroir

Clay-limestone plateau

  • Density

5500 vines / ha

  • Age of the vineyard

Half the vineyard is less than 10 years old and the other half is over 30 years old.

  • Vinification and aging

The very ripe and sugary Merlot is blended with Carménère and Petit Verdot, two old Bordeaux grape varieties which are not grown very much nowadays. Tannins and colour are very carefully extracted by daily pumpings, a warm maceration for enriching the content, then rapidly put in tanks before bottling without filtering.

  • Production and containers

Around 8000 75cl bottles

  • Vintages produced

2014, 2015, 2016, 2018, 2019

  • Typicity / tasting

Distinctive and original this full-bodied wine is made entirely from ripe grapes. Ideal to drink young, it is a frank sunny and fruity wine which is appreciated by both amateur wine lovers and connoisseurs ! The wine has an attractive colour and body but no harsh tannins. Its fruity composition make it a perfect accompaniment to any dish.  A true wine for friends !

  • Food and wine pairings


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