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Village de Saint-Vincent de Pertignas

Pierre & Vincent Gauthier

Premier Bordeaux Wines

Logo Pertignas
Verre de rosé sur la plage de Montalivet

What we are


Established in one of the most beautiful villages of the Entre-deux-Mers region, in Saint Vincent de Pertignas, the Gauthier family welcomes you with pleasure, warmth and friendliness. The best of its know-how and its savoir-vivre is expressed in each bottle of Château Pertignas.

Bouteilles vides attendant leur précieux contenu
Pierre Gauthier

Our team

Pierre and Vincent Gauthier welcome you in a good mood, to show you around the vineyard, to make you discover one of their vintages or to accommodate you in the guest rooms.


They are helped by their courageous workers and a multitude of "little hands" whom they warmly thank for being present.

Joëlle Gauthier
Vincent Gauthier
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What we do

At Château Pertignas, our authentic and cheerful red wines, and our remarkable fresh rosé and white wines, reflect our quality of life ...


A place where it is good to stop and meet you!

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Where to find the Pertignas

Our virtues

Aware of the current issues, Pierre and Vincent Gauthier have put in place processes to act on the environmental impacts, to preserve their work tool which is also their place of life, and to maintain good social cohesion.


Everything is not yet perfect but everything here is evolving and improving regularly.

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Find all our news on Facebook.


Find out what is being said about Château Pertignas through the vision of professionals, awards and the press.


Take an interest in our customers' opinions (and don't hesitate to give yours !)


Finally laugh with us by reading our fake news !

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Bed & Breakfast

You will appreciate the peacefulness and the quietness of our village, in the heart of Entre-deux-Mers, on the edge of Saint-Emilionnais, in an old, typical Girondine residence.

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